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We are a full-service international Digital Marketing and Virtual Staff Agency making massive waves in the virtual world. 

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We are a full-service international Digital Marketing and Virtual Staff Agency making massive waves in the virtual world. Specializing in helping doctors and health consultants build, scale, and take their practices online, our agency creates more freedom and time for you, so you can focus on what really matters–your patients and your practice. 

Our services range from virtual assisting, online advertising, funnel creations, email marketing, course creations, copywriting, graphic design, social media management, and much more. You can check out our services here, or schedule a no-strings strategy call with us to discuss your needs.

We are passionate about serving our clients and sharing their gifts with the world. Not only do we facilitate our clients’ visions into reality, but our agency provides on-going support with our team of business managers, virtual assistants, and marketing experts.


KANACURA was a dream turned into reality by two young female entrepreneurs.

For over seven years, Karen and Natalie worked together for incredible natural health doctors, running their virtual practices, hosting high-end retreats and conferences, and marketing their services online to clients all over the world.

But, during all the crazy ups and downs of a career they loved, they realized something was missing: The doctors they were supporting knew WHY they wanted to take their business virtual, and they had all the tools to do so, but had no one to physically help them build and maintain their vision.

The doctors had coaching, mindset, and sales training and an outline of how to implement their strategies, but they didn’t have enough time or personnel to do so.

So one day, after a long event, KANACURA was a dream built out of a hotel room by two women who knew they could bridge the gap so that doctors could finally take their practice into the growing and thriving digital health space.

Living on opposite ends of the world in Perth, Australia and Denver, Colorado, Natalie and Karen are each other’s yin and yang, with their talents, strengths, and experience creating a powerhouse of knowledge in digital marketing, virtual support, management, and customer experience.  

So if you have a dream of a virtual practice and support — Karen, Natalie, and their team can make it happen.



To have the courage to create the freedom you want in your life. 

To have the courage to serve patients all over the world.

To have the courage to cultivate more time, more income, and more impact. 

Let’s create your dream business, together, so that you can live free.

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