Today I want to talk about online courses because recently here at Kanacura we have been creating some amazing digital courses and programs!

Our doctors have been adding online programs to their brick-and-mortar practice and even marketing them alone as an additional asset for their business.

With that being said, I wanted to talk to you today about three things you want to remember when creating an online course. After that conversation, I also am going to share with you some of our favorite pieces of software we use when creating virtual programs and courses for our clients. 

Let’s start with our top three tips.

1. Where is Your Customer Starting at?

Number one is when you start to create a virtual course or program online, you need to think about where your customer is starting. What is their pain? Where are they at right now?

Next, I want you to think about what the promise is that your program is going to deliver. So, where are these people going to be at the end of your course?

Perhaps they want to lose weight, so at the beginning they are heavier than they want. They’re overweight, they’re tired, they don’t have enough energy and they’re just not feeling great. The promise you are going to make for them is that they will lose a certain amount of weight and have more energy. They are going to love life again, and they’re going to be very happy with those results. 

Then what you need to do is break down the process.

So, you’ve got your pain, you’ve got your process, and you’ve got your signature promise to get them there.

For example, your program might be a combination of videos where you share some lifestyle modifications they want to implement.

You might have some supplements you want to make sure they include. What’s your process for getting them from their pain to your promise? Use what you are doing in your existing brick-and-mortar.

You don’t need to start a whole new process to take your course online. You can use exactly what you are doing with your clients right now within your practice and deliver it in a way that makes it scalable.

That will make it easily accessible by more people who aren’t able to come into your physical practice. 

2. Keep it as Simple as Possible.

We know I am guilty of this and a lot of doctors that I work with want to deliver so much value. It is common to think that more content and more things within our program will make it more valuable, and that is simply not the truth. What your clients want is the simplest, easiest way to get their results. From their pain to where they want to be. So, what you want to do is lay out the steps as simple as possible for them. More content does not make your course more valuable. Instead, having a really well laid out path for someone to follow, and getting the results that they want, is what makes your course valuable. 

3. Remember Your Niche

From there, number three is keeping your program niche. Make sure you’ve got one person in mind, keep it as niche as possible so that your target audience knows that this is the course for them.

If your course is designed for a specific person, it will make it a lot easier to get traction in your program. 

Those are my three tips if you’re thinking about creating an online course.

If you need some help with getting started, always feel free to reach out at Fill in the form and we are always happy to have a chat with you about what might be a good option for your specific circumstances!

But before we conclude, the other thing I promised I would share with you is some of the pieces of software we love to use at Kanacura to create an online course. 

Our Favorite Course Software

The first one is Practice Better, it is a really great platform for online client management as well as creating courses and platforms that deliver videos, PDFs, recipes and all sorts of fun stuff.

The next one is called Thinkific, a great online course program for creating beautiful looking courses and courses to deliver content to your clients.

Third one we use is ClickFunnels, which has a membership program that you can use to hold your content and that’s another way to use something that you’re perhaps already invested in rather than getting another piece of software. 

I hope this information has been super valuable for you.

Online courses can honestly be an amazing asset to your business, and they allow you to send things out to people you cannot see in your brick-and-mortar.

People are still able to get the valuable content you have in mind, online. That way, they are still able to interact with you online and get all that valuable information. I hope this inspired you to get started, there are so many cool things you can add into this. Bye for now!